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CPLA lid black 90 mm Ø for 3dl / 12oz cup, packed per 1000 pieces

Art. No. 89006
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CPLA lids are suitable for use up to 85 ° C. Coffee to go lids from CPLA are moisture-resistant, food-safe and 100% compostable.
CPLA coffee to go lids 62mm ø are suitable for use on 1dl / 4oz coffee cups with a top diameter of 62mm. This size coffee cup is generally used for serving Espresso.
Our biodegradable coffee lids are made from CPLA, a crystallized form of PLA (starch) obtained from cassava root. The lids are certified according to the European standard EN13432 which stands for industrial compostability. You can recognize this certification by the OK compost or seedling logo.

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