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Palm leaf sauce container 35ml / 6cm Ø Packed per 400 pieces

Art. No. 88204
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Palm leaf sauce containers are food safe, taste neutral, oil, fat and moisture resistant and suitable for use in the oven and microwave up to 200 ° C. In addition, our palm leaf disposables are 100% compostable.

Palm leaf dip bowl can be used as an amuse cup or sauce dish. This palm leaf dip bowl has a natural look and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sauce trays.
Palm leaf service from Natureko is SA8000 certified and made exclusively from fallen palm leaves. These leaves are cut by hand and give a beautiful natural look. The palm leaf sauce containers are also compostable and certified according to the European standard EN13432, which stands for industrial compostability. This allows our palm leaf sauce containers to carry the OK compost and seedling logo.

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