Have paper straws printed? With us it is possible to provide your straws with a maximum of 4 colors printing

Printing paper straws

At hima Bioproducts BV it is possible to personalize paper straws with, for example, your company logo.

The minimum order is 100.000 pieces. It is possible to have the paper straws printed in up to 4 colours. Please note that a standard straw is white. If you want a straw in a different base color, that already counts as 1 color for printing.

You can supply a design yourself or you can choose to let us make the design. If you want a straw with your own logo on it, it is important that you can supply your logo in a vector file so that we can edit it. In any case, we make a sample of every design and send it to you for assessment.

Our premium paper straws are certified and meet the highest quality standards. The straws have an FSC quality mark and are free from BPA, 3MCPD and Moah-Mosh. The quality has been assessed in accordance with the EU1935/2004 guidelines and the tests have been carried out in certified Dutch laboratories. Besides food safety certificates, our factory is also SEDEX and SA8000 certified. This way you can be sure that our straws also meet the social ethical standards.

It is also possible to personalize the boxes with the straws. We have standard boxes for 20, 50, 250 and 500 straws, but if you want a different content with more or fewer straws, that is of course always possible. A maximum of 4 colors also applies to the printing of the boxes. You can request the design template from us and we can also make the design for you here. In your design, keep in mind that light colors on kraft boxes are less attractive. We therefore also recommend dark colors such as dark green, blue or black for printed kraft paper boxes.

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